Low Key Portrait Shooting

Lowkey photography is a type of photography that consists of creating dark scenes, and using light only on very specific areas of the image.

In the case of my studio low-key portrait assignments, I make use of 1-2 flashes and soft boxes. However, important camera settings need to be chosen in order to have dark background and allowing flash light to be the only source. You can then angle the flashes the way you want depending of the effect you are interested in showing (Rembrandt lighting, split lighting, rim lighting …)

My studio is located in my apartment in Basel and feel free to contact me in case you are interested in booking a shooting with me. The types of pictures and your preferences can be discussed together prior to the shooting.

PRICE: CHF 120 / TIME: 1.5 hours

DISCOUNT: 50% for few next customers in order for me to gain more experience

Contact: swede.photography@gmail.com

You will receive a set of processed images in digital format along with a very particular shooting experience.