ZERMATT 5-LAKES TRAIL: 3 DAYS/2 NIGHTS Landscape and Milky Way Workshop

Date: July 1st to 3rd 2022 (Friday to Sunday)


CHF 890 / Double occupancy (price per person)
CHF 1390 / Single occupancy (price per person) – Very Limited
CHF 840 / Dorm occupancy (price per person)

Maximum Participants: 6 persons


This 5-lakes trail is a wonderful 10 km easy hike along five different lakes, with three of them aligned with a reflection of the Matterhorn. Two of those lakes (Stellisee, Grindjisee) will take most of our attention and give many composition opportunities. Besides, if weather permits it, we will shoot Milky Way in South-West orientation (vertically). This easy trail is located in the highlands of Zermatt and we will spend two nights in a very nice mountain hut (Fluhalp) at 2620m.

This workshop will not cover the basics of photography. Each participant needs to know its equipment and be confident outside of the AUTO mode. We will however go over various techniques such as Panorama, Focus Stacking, Long Exposure, Noise Reduction, Scouting and Composition.

What you will get out of it?

  • Nice refreshing time in the Swiss Alps with a mixture of hiking and photography and sharing time with other photographers
  • Lift ride from Zermatt to Blauherd
  • Two nights in Fluhalp Mountain Hut with half-board and wonderful panoramic view over the Matterhorn
  • Hopefully not too much sleep if weather permits: Learn how to shoot night images and specifically Milky Way. Learn how to reduce noise
  • Learn how to better compose your images and get feedback on your images
  • Theory of Landscape and Milky Way photography
  • Post-processing tips for Landscape and Milky Way photography
  • My LR presets for landscape and milky way photography

What is not included?

  • Snacks and lunches (Breakfasts and Dinners are included)
  • All drinks
  • Photography equipment
  • Bring your own towel and some Swiss coins for optional shower
  • Transport to Zermatt Train Station (Meet-up point)
  • Insurance


Meeting point: Zermatt Train Station 3pm

We will walk down from Zermatt Main Station to Sunnega Station and take the train and the lift up to Blauherd. We will then walk 1 hour to Fluhalp Mountain Hut where we will spend the next two nights.

We will take our rooms and have dinner at 7pm. Let us have a welcome drink before dinner.

After dinner, we will walk down to Stellisee for sunset (20 minutes walk) and prepare foreground images for Milky Way shooting. After sunset, we will go back to Fluhalp, go over some theory and rest until Milky Way time.

After midnight, we will head back down to Stellisee and set up our material. The MW will be vertical with the Core on the left of Matterhorn and nice reflection on the lake.

For the ones who want to stay out all night, MW Core will set below the horizon but we can still shoot the Great Rift straight above the Matterhorn. Of course, MW photography is weather-dependent.


We will get up and walk down to Stellisee to shoot sunrise before heading back to Fluhalp for breakfast.

We will walk the 5-lakes trail (10 km) during the day stopping for various photographic spots.

When back to Fluhalp in the afternoon, we will go over some post-processing, rest and have dinner at 7pm.

At night, if weather allows, we will do another MW shooting at Grindjisee (1-hour walk) and wait until sunrise before heading back to Fluhalp for breakfast.


If we did not go out during the night, we will get up early, walk down to Grindjisee (1-hour walk) before sunrise, and shoot until breakfast time.

After breakfast, we will check out and head back to Blauherd to take the lift/train down to Zermatt.

Cancellation Policy

If, for any reason, you cannot participate in the workshop, please send a mail to swede.photography@gmail.com


  • > 90 days: 20% of the total prize is retained as cancellation fees
  • 89 days to 30 days: 30% of the total prize is retained as cancellation fees and 20% is retained as voucher for a future workshop
  • < 30 days: 30% of the total prize is retained as cancellation fees and 70% is retained as voucher for a future workshop

After that, even if canceled due to very bad weather, 30% of the total amount will be charged and 70% will be paid back to your payment method.

Next Steps

  • After contacting swede.photography@gmail.com, you will receive banking transfer details to confirm your inscription
  • Then, the organizer will send you additional information, an equipment list and a form to fill up with the personal details (food allergy, emergency contact details, wishes …)

In case of late booking, single or double rooms might not be available anymore, but dorms.