About Me

« Travel, Experience: These are an Education in themselves »

Quote by Euripides, a Greek tragedian of classical Athens.

My passion for traveling started during my late adolescence and has guided my life since then. I discovered the art of photography a little bit later in my adulthood and since then my camera accompanies me in all my adventures, on land and underwater.

Although I am currently based in Switzerland where I work as a Data Manager and Lab Expert in Genetics/Genomics, I try to maximize my holidays and free time to live my passions: discovering new places, dive around the world and improve my skills and eye in photography. Thanks to my personal experience, self-education through workshops, tutorials and courses, I developed my creativity, expanded my interests and refined my style which are reflected into my photographs.

I decided that it was time for me to show the beauty of our planet through my own lenses. I hope you will enjoy my pictures and my vision of the subtle art of photography.

PS: Swede is a nickname that was given to me a long time ago by an American football coach while I was doing an exchange year in a High School in the State of Alabama (USA). Funny anecdote, he confused Switzerland with Sweden when I told him from where I was from, as a result he gave me that nickname. I kept it since then to remember one of the most unforgettable time of my life – when my passions for discovering new places, sharing with other cultures, communicating in other languages (I speak French, English, Spanish and a bit of German) became part of my present and future.

My preferred quotes:

” Life is a one time offer – Use it well “

” Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer “