Discover Iceland

Discover the beauty of Iceland with its incredible landscapes and northern lights. A mixture of spring and winter climate shown in various images from waterfalls, icebergs, glaciers, ice caves, black sand beaches and so on. A magnificent 12-days trip driving around the Ring of Fire in the month of March stopping at world famous spots such as Vik, Jokulsarlon, Stokksnes Peninsula and Seljalandsfoss and less common places like Skutafoss, Hofskirkja and Fjallsarlon.

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  1. beautiful photos! I spent a weekend on the west coast of iceland earlier this year, and got an idea about its magic charm. your photos capture that very well. would love to learn how you achieved the smooth structures in waves and beach…
    keep on!

    1. Hi Christoph,
      Thanks much for your comment. Very much appreciated. Indeed, Iceland is a dream place for landscape photography.
      You need to have longer exposure to capture smooth water movements. A ND filter will help you out for that.
      Kind regards. Nico

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