Workshop 1-Night Milky Way Photography

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There are many beautiful locations in Switzerland to capture the Milky Way together with a nice landscape. Most of these locations are a bit remote and need some hiking in order to be reached. Besides, some of these locations are not close to a hut and camping outdoors might be necessary. Several parameters such as the Milky Way Core season, the moon phase, the forecast, the cloudiness need to be taken into account to choose the right spot at the right time. Obviously, some of those parameters change quickly and we will need to adjust our itinerary accordingly. Therefore, the final location as well as the potential availability of a hut will be decided a few days before the event. You should expect 1 to 2 hours of hiking before reaching the final spot but we will try to adjust to participant preferences.

Milky Way Core season starts in March in the Northern Hemisphere and last till October. In the first months of the season, the Milky Way will be flatter and the core visible before dawn. During the next months, you will be able to see the Milky Way Core the entire night, rising around South-East and setting around South-West. Towards the end of the season, it appears more vertical and it is mostly visible after dusk.

Workshops will start around May/June in order to avoid light-polluted locations caused by leftover snow. During May to July, Milky Way arch panoramic photography will be possible as it sits flatter to the horizon. Besides, there are other interesting events that can happen during the season (Perseid meteor shower in August, Neowise Comet in Summer 2020, etc)

This workshop will not cover the basics of photography. Each participant needs to bring and to know its equipment and be confident outside of the AUTO mode. We will however go over various techniques such as Panorama, Focus Stacking (if applicable), Long Exposure, Foreground blending, Noise Reduction, Scouting and Composition.

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